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This is a place to discuss anything and everything to do with Imperial College's Advanced Particle Physics Course, taught by Dr David Colling and Dr Morgan Wascko

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Knodium puts the focus on the discussion itself. It is designed to help you easily communicate difficult concepts allowing for a more natural and meaningful discussion to take place; enabling people to focus on the topics they care about.

  1. Mathematics in all its beauty

    It's easy to include LaTeX in your posts which is rendered into full maths.
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  2. Share files & create snippets

    You can import files directly into posts by connecting your Dropbox account. You can view them straight in Knodium and even snippet specific parts of a document to post straight into a discussion. This makes it easier than ever to discuss papers, tutorial sheets, lecture slides and more!
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  3. Chemistry in the browser

    Communicating technical concepts can be difficult. Create and share chemical diagrams straight in your browser using tools that you're used to.
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